3D Architectural Visualization. Palette CAD, Sketchup & VRay

project description

Palette CAD 3D Design Software, SketchUp and VRAY have been developed for architects, interior designers, contractors and showrooms as very powerful tools for high quality interior design project presentation. We utilise these programmes not only for customers who would like to see the final interior design of a bathroom, kitchen or another room. In addition we use when tile factory does not provide collection room setting pictures. In this case we have to design a sample room setting and after that, we can use this design for the National Tile Ltd website, tile displays or offer of sale presentation. Palette CAD has a rich library but only a few selected manufactures. Therefore we need to photograph the tiles, edit and customize them, finally importing them to the programme to use them for the project. We also use our own designs of furnitures, accessories and decorations in projects.

  • Interior design
  • Tile photography & editing
  • Models design


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