Extrema. Engineered wooden floor.
Branding & Visual Design

project description

National Tile Ltd set the exclusive use of eco-friendly materials for their collections as a main priority. In order to achieve this only trusted suppliers are chosen, whose products are attested by international certificates (FSC and Rainforest Alliance) to protect forests for future generations.

This is why the Extrema collection was designed in 100% eco-friendly style. Keeping in mind the packaging, we designed a logo only in black. The box is 100% recycled, single wall cardboard. Booklet A5, portrait, 4+8, 180gms recycled bond paper.

  • Art direction
  • Logo design
  • Packaging design
  • Product photography & post-processing
  • Catalogue layout design & DTP
  • Visual merchandasing & sale display design
  • Press advertising design & marketing campaign management
  • Social media


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